Rail Recruiter – the industry’s fast-acting job-match partner

Monday, May 9, 2022

One thing is clear: Rail Recruiter prides itself in its responsiveness.

It was built in partnership with major recruitment organisations and businesses, who were more than happy to help when presented with the opportunity to advise on an industry-changing jobs platform. Rail Recruiter’s team have listened and, having launched the platform just one week ago, is already developing the site to create the best possible experience for users.

“The feedback was necessary – we knew that there was much the sector needed, but by working alongside the industry, we began to see how big the gap was we needed to fill,” Dean Bruce, managing director of Rail Recruiter, said.

“The feedback we got was that companies needed the right people quickly and that job seekers want to join up quickly. What businesses or recruiters have found over the years was that they missed opportunities: top prospects slipped past or were not found quickly enough. And, having worked 21 years in marketing, I can say myself that I know how frustrating – perhaps even embarrassing – it is to call someone only to find they’ve already been snapped up.

“So, we have prioritised the development of this functionality, and we have considered at every stage how we can speed things up. We have created candidate alerts to ensure that recruiters know straight away when new talent is available, and we are further developing our CV search facility to enable recruiters to find the right people faster. We also have exciting plans to develop unique functionality that will enable the rapid matching of job seekers and vacancies where specific competencies are required. We think these changes will ultimately shake up the way recruitment is done.”

But the most positive feedback came from something decidedly more human and less digital: “This is a site dedicated to rail,” Dean said. “Rail is a huge industry, but often recruitment sites mix it in with any number of other sectors. This means recruiters have to dig through menus dealing with other disciplines to even start their search. Meanwhile, those looking for work in rail are put off by hundreds of postings for jobs that don’t look anything like what they want to do. Worse still, even when you have fought through multi-industry recruitment platforms to find what you are looking for, algorithms often muddle up the results.

“Here, our backbone is rail people making a platform for rail people. We look after our clients, and we make the journey easy so they can get the best recruits.”

The result is that Rail Recruiter is already delivering. Victoria Hesketh, director of Vannin Solutions Ltd, said: “Rail Recruiter fills a gap that we have thought existed for some time. A new, fresh jobs board exclusively for rail is going to be a welcome new addition to assist Vannin Solutions in finding the best candidates for our jobs. The site looks great and is thoughtfully designed.

“Listing vacancies is not only simple but fast. The team at Rail Recruiter could not be more helpful and work closely with us to help us get the best results from the platform. The fact that jobs can also be advertised via Rail Business Daily is also a great bonus. We are really looking forward to working with Rail Recruiter on a long-term basis.”