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CV search is the perfect solution for recruitment agencies and employers who are looking to find their perfect candidate quickly. Searching Rail Recruiter’s extensive database of active job seekers will get your recruitment on the fast track!

Because we only work in the railway industry, you know that you’ll be looking at the right people with the right skills to fill your vacancies, and you can set up candidate alerts to make sure that you’ll be the first to know when the latest talent is available to help your business grow.

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Affordable hiring solutions for everyone working in the railway industry.

CV search starts from just £99 for 10 credits. The more credits you buy the less you will pay.

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+10 Credits

  • Full search functionality
  • Flexible pay as you need option
  • Perfect for small businesses
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Unlimited search
+50 Credits

  • Lower cost per CV
  • Credits available for use up to 12 months
  • Popular choice
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+100 Credits

  • Lowest cost per CV
  • Recruit for multiple roles
  • Ideal for larger organisations
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No matter how many searches you do you won’t pay until you choose to buy a profile and CV

You only
pay once

Once you have paid for a CV you don’t have to pay again if it appears in another search


Use advanced search technology to identify the best candidates for your jobs quickly

Frequently asked questions

How many CVs can I download or view?

You can search for as many candidates as you like without paying a penny. When you find your perfect candidate, you can choose to buy their CV, profile information and contact details. Each CV costs 1 credit, the more credits you buy the less you will pay.

Can you send me alerts when new candidates become available?

Yes, you can set up candidate alerts with specific criteria. When candidates join our database that match your criteria, we’ll send you the details direct to your inbox.

When I buy a CV what do I get?

When you pay for a CV you will receive access to all of the information the job seeker has provided in their profile including their contact details. You will also be able to download a copy of their CV.

Can I buy CVs for every job seeker registered?

No, many job seekers are happy to share their CV and profile data with recruiters as part of their job search, but job seekers can opt out of this service. They can opt out entirely or they can ask for each request to share their information to be sent to them for consideration.

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