Rail Recruiter: by your side in your jobs search

Monday, May 16, 2022

The aim of Rail Recruiter is to make things easy for both businesses and candidates – especially when some candidates will be taking their first steps into the rail industry.

As such, it is designed to be easy, intuitive and welcoming.

And, crucially, it is built to get candidates under the nose of their dream employer. Indeed, Rail Recruiter is very much geared towards getting job positions filled quickly in a fast-paced sector.

Rail Recruiter is led by Dean Bruce. He said it was important to think about the candidate as well as the businesses searching for them: “We wanted this to be a springboard for people often struggling to know where to start on their jobs search.

“We thought carefully about making the system as streamlined as possible, beginning with the idea that the site is solely focussed on rail – this in itself cuts down on information overload you often get on multi-industry sites. But it was also decided we would build a platform that would do some of the legwork for people searching for a job.

“That’s why when you register to use the site and upload a CV, we have designed it so that, if you fit an employer’s ideal, you could instantly appear on their radar. There’s a built-in alert system that lets businesses see perfect matches immediately if they want to. So in some cases, candidates might be matched with their dream job before they apply.”

Dean added: “With more than 1,000 rail jobs advertised on the site and more jobs being added every day, our aim is to provide candidates with the choice they need in one place. Whether they are looking for engineering vacancies, construction jobs or even board-level employment, they will find the opportunities they are searching for on Rail Recruiter. And they can set up alerts, so the latest jobs are sent directly to their inbox.

“We want people to know they are not alone on their job search journey. So the site is not just a fast-acting engine driving people to the perfect job, but it is also the home of advice gleaned from decades of experience.

Rail Recruiter knows rail. It is part of the Rail Business Daily family, and that means we work with 1,000 businesses who are a part of our community. The people here live rail – this is not a niche venture but an industry we work with closely every day.

“That means there are plenty among us who have taken their first steps on a journey in the rail industry or made an important change in their rail career. That has fed into the ethos by which we built Rail Recruiter. It is for rail people and built by rail people.

“The advice we have put together takes readers through everything from bringing together a CV fit for rail to making a break from your old employer without burning your bridges in a very community-driven industry.

“In short, our aspiration is to be your one-stop-shop for rail jobs. We will be there for you at one of the most important moments in your career and make it a little easier for you to get where you need to be.”

Find out more at www.rbdrailrecruiter.com, there are more than 1,000 rail jobs to choose from, and you can access the latest careers advice. If you would like to talk to Dean Bruce about Rail Recruiter advertising opportunities, contact dean@rbdbrailrecruiter.com