HSQ Recruitment solidifies reliability as a recruitment partner to the rail industry

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

HSQ Recruitment continues to build rail recruitment division to further solidify reliability as a recruitment partner to the rail industry.

Following a successful year in becoming RISQS and CIRAS certified, HSQ Recruitment has built a knowledgeable and steadfast rail recruitment team that specialises in permanent, temporary and contract recruitment.

Having had several years of uncertainty across all job markets. The rail industry has continued to require high staffing levels with several large projects still playing catch up following the delay the pandemic brought to the UK.

In the current market, we’ve seen candidates favouring stability and employers battling against high salary requests from potential talent. The requirement for Railway Design Engineers has shot up, alongside the need for Project Managers and more graduates to enter the railway market.

Now with the cost-of-living crisis, we expect to see an increase in contract recruitment activity as project teams require more flexible staffing and financial freedom.

In a difficult and tumultuous market, the need for reliable and certified recruitment professionals is a must. HSQ recruitment has been working with several large rail companies to help them better understand the market, attract top talent and ensure our contractors and permanent candidates can secure roles which meet their career requirements but also meet their personal needs.

Whether you’re a rail company or a candidate, HSQ Recruitment is open to discussing the current market and guiding you in the right direction. Get in contact with us today at info@hsqrecruitment.com.