Alstom is the UK & Ireland’s leading supplier of new trains and train services, and a leading signalling and rail infrastructure provider. Alstom have built, or are building, just under 40% of the UK mainline train fleet; as well as the entire fleets in service with London Underground, and Dublin Luas.


We provide the widest range of smart solutions in the rail market, from innovative high-speed rolling stock, metros and trams to maintenance, modernisation, infrastructure and signalling.


Employing 6000 people, we design and build trains at Derby, the UK’s largest train factory; and operate major sites at Widnes, Crewe, Ilford and Plymouth, and 30 train services depots across the UK and Ireland. 


Furthermore, having been selected as part of a joint venture to design, build and maintain the HS2 rolling stock, we have also been shortlisted for the corresponding signalling contract.


Our Signalling and Infrastructure business is underpinned by the winning of framework contracts for Network Rail’s, with a potential value of £750 million and the large Bristol Area Signalling Renewals and Enhancement project and the Leeds Station Capacity Upgrade Programme.


Alstom has a long history, but today, we want the world, and especially early career talent, to know the real Alstom. We are a vibrant company with ambitious goals.