Shielding Specialist*

Job Description

Shielding Specialist

What is the key purpose of this role?

Job Purpose

Providing an in-house radiation shielding capability in support of NTS’ strategic objectives.

The capability will produce the necessary radiation protection input to the design process to facilitate package and vessel licensing for NTS, NDA Estate, and external customers.

Lead on the delivery of radiation shielding activities and projects and to provide radiation shielding advice.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience (Desirable)

The role requires an experienced Shielding Specialist with sufficient knowledge and experience to lead radiation shielding activities. Typical qualifications, experience and skills required are:

  • Recognised expert practitioner in radiation shielding.
  • Proven track record in the technical leadership of radiation shielding assessment.
  •  Degree in a STEM subject and further degree and/or professionally qualified; prior SQEP status may substitute for some further formal qualifications.
  • Chartered status or membership of a professional institute is desirable but not essential.
  • Appropriate experience/knowledge/understanding of shielding assessment requirements in support of RAM transport.
  • Understanding of other technical disciplines such as criticality safety, which contribute to the overall safety of a transport package.
  • In-depth understanding and interpretation of the application of SSR-6 and SSG-26 to radiation shielding requirements.
  • In-depth understanding to perform shielding modelling calculations and interpret the results; use of a number of codes such as MCNP, RANKERN, FISPIN, SCALE, MICROSHIELD, ATTILA and MCBEND.

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